Siphilile Maternal & Child Health (Siphilile) is a community faith-based Non-Governmental Organization that aims to promote good maternal and child health, nutrition and development through empowerment of women and families in its catchment areas in Eswatini. Since its establishment in 2012, Siphilile is today an organization of approximately 60 staff and operating in the proximity of Matsapha, Eswatini. The Board of Siphilile has decided to conduct an assessment to provide guidance and insight to the Board on matters concerning the organization’s work.


1. Assess the work environment of the organization to identify existing and/or potential gaps within Siphilile’s structure/systems/praxis/policies that: · Inhibit or may inhibit the high-performance culture within the organization; · Affect or may affect the organization from meeting its key objectives and mandate; · Affect or may affect the governance structure, management structure and all employees including all memberships.

2. Develop and recommend a strategy to improve and deal with identified challenges related to the workplace environment in order to strengthen the organization, improve the performance culture, and mitigate exposure to risks and executing the core mandate and objectives of the organization.


1. Desk review of Siphilile’s Policies/ Guidelines, Relevant meeting minutes, HR reports or similar, Eswatini labour law (exp 2-3 days)

2. Develop relevant methodology in collaboration with the Siphilile Board.

3. Interviews and Focus Group discussions with (exp 7-10 days)

a. Current and potentially previous staff and management of Siphilile (in Siswati)

b. Current and potentially previous Board Members

c. Other relevant stakeholders such as donors and partner organisations

4. Analysing results and establish tools/ recommendations to address key findings presented in a draft report to the Board (expected 3-4 days) 5.Provide a report on findings and recommendations limited to 15 pages excluding appendix (exp 4-6 days)

6. Hold a half day workshop when final report is ready (1/2 day)


The consultant will work under the direction of the Siphilile Workplace-environment Assessment Committee, reporting to the Chairperson. The consultant shall rely on his/her own mean of communication and transportation. Siphilile will organize the logistics (venue and transportation) related to work environment assessment. Siphilile will provide the Consultant with all available data in a timely manner.


The title rights, copyrights and all other rights whatsoever nature in any material produced under the provisions of this ToR will be owned by Siphilile Maternal and Child Health and its partner Act Church of Sweden. Thus, any public mention (including through social media) about the activity should state clearly that ownership. In addition, any public appearance related to the activity should be coordinated and approved by Siphilile.


The consultancy is expected to require a total of 20 – 24 working days and the final product is expected to be completed latest 30th November 2022.


The Consultant will not report to a duty station however a workspace will be made available at the Siphilile Offices including internet access.



· Minimum of a Master’s Degree with specialization in human resources, organizational development, or conflict resolution. In special circumstances a Bachelor’s Degree could be considered if relevant experience is well documented.

· Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and Siswati. If not fluent in Siswati provision for a local assistant/ translator should be made in the proposal.


· Five (5) years of proven experience in the field of organizational HR development.

· Rich experience in conducting culturally sensitive assessments/ evaluations with individuals from different backgrounds.

· Demonstrated expertise and experience in conducting work environment assessments or similar.


· Documented experience of working in the Not for profit sector, especially in health outreach

· Documented experience in conducting Key Informant Interviews and Focus Group Discussions

· Knowledge/ understanding of Eswatini Labour Law and practices


Applying candidates shall declare any connections to Siphilile, direct or indirect, its staff or board members and donors as part of the proposal document. As Siphilile holds the rights of the child to the highest degree any accepted applicant will be required to sign and abide by Siphilile Code of Conduct including PSEA safeguarding policy and may be asked to submit a police clearance


The proposal shall be submitted digitally to on or before the 14th of October 2022 and should include the following:

- Personal Curriculum Vitae highlighting the qualifications, experience and at least three (3) traceable and recent/ current references.

- Proposal letter including brief methodology on how he/she will approach and conduct the work as well highlighting relevant experiences

- Financial proposal containing the final and all–inclusive (professional fees, all envisaged travel costs, etc.) total price offer for the full range of services required, broken down into all major cost components associated with the services.

Contact: For any questions regarding the assignment please contact the Siphilile Board Chair Mr. Simelane through or Committee Chair Mr. Fakudze through

Late applications will not be accepted.




Siphilile Maternal & Child Health (Siphilile) is a community faith-based Non-Governmental Organization that aims to promote good maternal and child health, nutrition and development through empowerment of women and families in its catchment areas in Eswatini.

Since its establishment in 2012, Siphilile is today an organization of approximately sixty (60) staff members and operating in the proximity of Matsapha, Eswatini. As part of the organizational radical human resource management strategy; Siphilile has decided to engage the services of an Independent Human Resource (HR) Consultant.

The part-time HR Consultant will be responsible for the human resources needs and implementation of best practices to support achievement of organizational development objectives. The Human Resources Consultant will perform administrative, strategic, and planning duties. The HR Consultant will recruit, train and on-board, and guide employees through benefits & compensation, represent both the employee and the organization, assist with employee relations matters and performance management. Also accountable for the vital task of ensuring compliance with all national regulations for HR/PR policies, processes, affirmative action etc. This position requires an extremely perceptive person who is capable of relating to individuals at all levels within the organization, building relationships and establishing credibility with employees from the various teams/departments. The part - time HR Consultant must be able to balance overall organizational needs, employee support and the ongoing operational needs of the organization while maintaining compliance with all HR regulations.


· Recruitment – Oversee applicant screening process to ensure qualified candidates are routed to the hiring supervisor, interview, and screen and recruit job applicants to fill all levels of job openings. Oversees accurate maintenance of recruitment documentation.

· Employee On-boarding/off-boarding – Organize and manage on-boarding, new employee orientation and training programs. Oversees processing & ensures accuracy & compliance of all paperwork. Conducts exit interviews, analyzes data and identifies patterns & potential improvements. Oversees termination process, ensures proper notification of employee terminations internally and externally for compliance. Runs turnover reports etc.

· Employee Relations - Tracks employee corrective actions, Partners with the Executive Director to make recommendations to management team for corrective action & continuous improvement, responds to employee relation issues such as employee complaints, harassment or discrimination. Unemployment claim administration. Attends unemployment hearings if necessary.

· HR Policy Management - Partners with the Executive Director to review, update, and communicate human resource policies, procedures, laws, standards and other Eswatini government regulations. Act as a focal person for internal HR policy interpretation.

· HR/PR System & Reporting – Assists with data maintenance and integrity of the HR/PR system. Runs reports routinely or as necessary to analyze data for ongoing issues, projects or functions. Assists with implementation or upgrading of new HR system modules as needed (i.e. performance management, recruiting, on-boarding).

· HR Compliance – ensure employee files are compliant, maintain/review/update completed job descriptions, maintain affirmative action program;

· Report to the Executive Director and regularly reporting to the Board of Directors

· Other duties as assigned.


· Minimum 10 -15 years of experience as a Senior HR Specialist or similar role.

· Bachelor’s Degree in HR or related field, Master’s Degree would be an added advantage.

· Solid understanding/experience with human resources and payroll processes, benefit & compensation administration, recruitment & onboarding processes, handling employee relations issues, organizational planning & development, leave administration, employment law compliance , performance management, employee development, corrective action, employee investigations, regulatory reporting.


· High level of interpersonal skills and professionalism to handle sensitive and confidential situations and detailed documentation.

· Ability to act with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality.

· Thorough knowledge of Eswatini employment-related laws and regulations.

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. · Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

· Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

· Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

· Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

· Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.


HR Certification a plus


A mutually agreed Monthly retention fee and reimbursement for mileage for work related activities.


The proposal shall be submitted digitally to & (Chairperson) on or before the 31st of October 2022 and should include the following:

- Application Letter

- Personal Curriculum Vitae highlighting the qualifications, experience and at least three (3) traceable and recent/ current references.